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Top 6 Destination Wedding Trends of Summer 2018

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Whether it is the excitement of traveling somewhere new or the unforgettable memories of marrying in a gorgeous destination, it is easy to see why one in five couples prefers a destination wedding.

While there are many popular destinations, the Cayman Islands are the perfect place to host your romantic union. As the summer sets in and the wedding season are in full flow, it is time to start planning your destination wedding in the Cayman Islands. To help you out, we have listed the top 6 destination wedding trends of summer 2018.

Top 6 Destination Wedding Trends of Summer 2018

Beach Wedding

If you are hosting a Cayman Islands destination wedding, it is highly recommended that you organize a beach wedding. While there are many lovely places in George Town, the capital of Grand Cayman, there is no better location for a wedding than on a white sand beach at the edge of the turquoise water of the Caribbean Sea. Nature plays the perfect host for you to declare your love for one another, and also saves you money on the decor.

Use Flowers and Greenery

Accentuate your beach ceremony with greenery and flowers. You can incorporate vibrant splashes of color with hibiscus, trumpet vines or other tropical flowers, as well as hanging arrangements.

Casual Attire

For a tropical wedding, casual attire is more comfortable. The groom may want to forgo a traditional tuxedo in favor of a light-colored suit or a casual beach shirt and slacks. The bride may want to consider a light dress – and some couples even choose to go barefoot. It easily matches the fun and casual environment of a Grand Cayman destination wedding.

Personalized Wedding Cakes

While the tradition of a white wedding cake still holds strong, the latest trend is a cake with bright colors. From fuchsia to electric turquoise, regal purple to metallic accents, your cake decorations can take on a bold new hue. Your team of Cayman Islands wedding planners can design a delicious cake that looks as good as it tastes. In fact, you can also get a “smash cake,” which has a hard outer shell that, once cracked open, reveals candies and goodies inside.

Seashell Ring Holder

Add Caribbean flair to your wedding with a seashell ring holder. Choose one from a selection of shapes and colors, making it the perfect accessory for your beach wedding.

Food Stations or Buffet

If you want to make your food memorable and still host an affordable Grand Cayman wedding, the trend these days is to set up food stations that allow your guests to customize their selections. You might opt for a chef’s carving station or pasta station, or perhaps even sushi or other seafood station options. A buffet style will let your guests choose from a number of fresh dishes, all made from local ingredients. Local rum and custom-mixed cocktails will also add to the festive mood.

If you have started planning your destination wedding, or even if you are recently engaged, you can refer to these trends to help create a memorable affair. Remember, Cayman Islands wedding planners can help you with all of the details so you won’t be stressed, and you and your guests can enjoy a fabulous – and affordable – Grand Cayman wedding.

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