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Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring

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The market for engagement rings is quickly shifting. Once upon a time, buying a ring was a simple matter. There were two or three cuts to choose from and a hand full of settings to match.

Now, engagement rings can be almost anything you want them to be. With so many options, finding the perfect engagement ring might seem like a daunting task, so here are a few tips to lower your stress level as you embark on the search.

Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring

1. Know your partner!

The most important thing about an engagement ring is the reaction your beloved has to it. If you know that she’s all about simplicity, don’t go for an over-the-top statement piece.

If she’s constantly worried about money or tends to be a chronic saver, don’t blow her mind by spending three or four months’ paychecks on a piece of jewelry. Look for something that is uniquely her.

2. Take hints

If you’ve never had a conversation about what kind of ring she wants, take cues from the jewelry she already owns. If she always wears silver, you can almost bet that she doesn’t want a yellow gold engagement ring.

If you’re still struggling to pin down her style after looking through her jewelry box, see if she happens to have a Pinterest account.

Almost every 20-something woman I know has one, and most of the time there is a whole board dedicated to her ideas about a perfect wedding (that means she may have ring ideas already saved!).

3. Take a friend

Don’t take your friend, take hers. Use your resources to your advantage. Ask one of her close friends or family members (think roommate, sister, longtime best friend) to come with you to the jewelry store. Chances are, they will be able to help you pick a style that she’ll love. Just be careful with who you choose – if they can’t keep a secret, they probably shouldn’t be let in on yours!

4. Focus on the feeling

When you’re actually looking at rings, avoid being swayed by trends and sizes. If size doesn’t matter to your future fiancee, it shouldn’t matter to you. Instead, take each ring as a whole and focus on the feeling that you get from it.

It’s much more important that you and she feel a connection to the ring. If you get the butterflies while looking at a rose gold and ring with a diamond and halo because you can see her wearing it in your mind, take that as a sign.

5. Don’t be afraid to be unique

Now more than ever, there is a push to move away from traditional diamond engagement rings. Millennial women are much more focused on the unique personality of their rings than any generation before they have been.

Don’t be afraid to opt out of diamonds or choose an unusual cut if you find something that your future fiancee would love. Sapphires, black diamonds, morganite, topaz, and even opals are becoming more common in the world of engagement rings. New styles like the shield cut and the rose cut are on the rise. Take advantage of these options.

6. Be responsible

There’s been an advertising campaign in recent years that claim an engagement ring should cost three months’ salary. It’s a marketing ploy by the diamond giant De Beers and you shouldn’t fall for it. Browse a trusted jewelry store online for ideas.

Be comfortable with your budget and know that it’s not the most important thing. Don’t let jewelry store sales-people pressure you into spending more than you should.

Yes, save up and be willing to spend a decent amount on a ring that your lady will love, but save the financial stress for future investments – like buying a house or having a child. Your future fiancee will thank you for your discipline later on down the line.

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