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Cupcake Wedding Cakes – Why Are They Still Trending in 2018

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Cupcake wedding cakes are the latest kind of cakes for weddings and other important events. These cupcake style cakes have also become more widespread in just a short time. Furthermore, with their simplicity and uniqueness, it will not be a surprise if the common towering wedding cakes will become less preferred especially by the budget conscious people.

Why is this so? Keep reading to see why cupcake wedding cakes are still trending in 2018.

Cupcake Wedding Cakes  Why Are They Still Trending in 2018

1. They are attractive

These delightful small cakes are just so nice-looking once decorated and you have so many options for its designs and embellishments. For instance, you can add fresh fruits like strawberries on top, buttercream whirls, colorful sprinkles, or miniature flowers. These are only a few ideas, you can be creative and add whatever will look good on your cupcake.

Unlimited color

Since your choices for the cupcake’s design and toppings are almost unlimited, it will be very easy to match these small cakes with your chosen color motif. You can go for pastel colors, bright and strong colors, or just the plain but elegant white. Whatsoever color motif you may have, there will definitely be a cupcake topping that can go with it.

The cupcake flavor

Because a cupcake wedding cake can be made, served, and packed individually, it is possible to have more than one flavor, in fact, you can choose as many flavors as you like. There’s no limit with a cupcake wedding cake, you can refer to just stick to one flavor or opt for two or more flavors, the choice is really yours. Some popular wedding cupcakes flavors include chocolate, cinnamon, banana, vanilla, lemon, carrot, and a lot more.


As cupcake wedding cakes are small and made for individual consumption, transporting them is not a problem. Serving and arranging them on the cake table is also very easy. Plus, your guests can choose from an array of flavors that they like.


Contrary to what you may think, cupcakes have sizes too. They are not just the tiny cakes, they can also be ordered bigger than the regular cupcakes. Actually, there are two sizes from which you can choose: one is the small regular cupcakes and the bigger size which can be as big as a muffin. Best of all, you can even choose to mix both sizes.

The price

Opting for the cupcake wedding cake is an economical alternative for the big wedding cakes. In this case, if you have a limited budget, these cakes are the perfect choice for you. They are elegant but are easy on the pocket.

Lastly, one more decision that you have to make is how you want to present your exquisite small cupcakes. Commonly, when used at weddings, these cupcakes are arranged in a multi-tiered stand. Often, it is 3-tiered. This arrangement will let you to picture it as the traditional big tiered wedding cakes. And through this kind of display, the cupcakes will exude real beauty that will add elegance and stylishness to your wedding.

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