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Benefits of Civil Marriage with Notary Officiant: Top Things Every Couple Should Know

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These days, there are several ways to get married. Besides a traditional wedding in a church, you could also opt for a civil marriage with a notary officiant. If you’re considering a civil ceremony, here’s are the top things every couple should know.

Benefits of Civil Marriage with Notary Officiant Top Things Every Couple Should Know

1. The processes involved with civil ceremonies are a lot faster than courthouses. You can set a date and get married in just a few weeks without being concerned about planning anything. Civil marriages are also fast, a factor that suits people who want to get married right away. Basically, civil ceremonies far more relaxed than traditional and they’re definitely more affordable.

2. The notary officiant has the ability to provide legal consultation and advice (If you are located in Montreal, Quebec or you’d like you to have your wedding there, you can check They’ll be an important part of the planning process as well, explaining all the different choices available to you when it comes to the matrimonial plan you have, and their effects.

3. A good notary officiant will bring the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience it takes to ensure your wedding is a complete success. A notary officiant will be able to advise you on the flexibility of the event in terms of waiting delays, the appropriate length of your ceremony, as well as any possible logistical complications you could end up facing at your venue and more.

4. There is absolutely no reason why your ceremony can’t be as meaningful, exciting and inventive as your reception (if you’re having one). You can customize your civil marriage ceremony, including popular additions like the speeches and anecdotal stories told by friends and family – basically anyone who attends the civil ceremony.

5. What Should I Wear?

What you wear to your civil wedding ceremony can be as elegant or super casual as you like. Traditional or non-traditional colors? It doesn’t matter – it’s your wedding – wear what you want.

6. One of the most important factors for any wedding is hiring a good photographer. Since you’re already saving money by hosting a small wedding, you’ll be able to invest in a professional who will be able to skillfully capture every moment of your special day.

Civil ceremonies aren’t just for couples who can’t wait for another second to tie the knot. Civil marriages are also perfect for those looking for an affordable, stress-free, intimate wedding experience.

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